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Checking fixtures for dimensional and shape checks of manufactured parts using GO/NOGO gauges, dial indicators.

Positioning fixtures for positioning of parts according to RPS coordinates.

Cubing – checking fixtures with milled precise simulation of the surroundings of the checked part.

Checking fixtures for part checks with electronic signalling of precision using sensors, transmitter, pneumatic clamping, printer…

Checking fixtures for quick dimensional and shape checks of manufactured parts.

sheet-metal parts checking fixtures

positioning fixtures

Plastic parts checking fixtures


Fluid distribution systems checking fixtures — metallic

Fluid distribution systems checking fixtures — artificial wood

Checking fixtures with diagnostics

Interior parts checking fixtures

Welding fixtures

Fixtures for manual or robotic welding.

Welding fixtures

Pattern equipment

Wooden patterns and cores for unit and serial manufacture and foundry productions.

Wooden, metallic pattern boards for manual or machine moulding.

Casting resins patterns.

Polystyrene patterns for unit casting.

Repairs and design changes of current patterns according to various foundry technologies.

Lamination patterns.

Plastic hot-moulding moulds.

Pattern equipment


We provide the manufacture and technology of pattern equipment for introduction of casts of the following material into production:

  • —  Aluminium, brass and bronze alloys
  • —  Grey cast iron
  • —  Malleable cast iron
  • —  Ductile cast iron
  • —  Cast steel


Unit production

Precise machining of parts.

Unit production

3D printing

3D printing

During the 30 years since its establishment our Company manufactured over 30,000 fixtures and patterns for a score of renowned clients in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Approximately 60% of the production is for customers in the Czech Republic; the rest we export abroad for clients in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Slovakia. But also to England, the USA and Mexico.