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The history of the carpentry firm begins in the years of World War II. At first, three to eight employees were employed in the firm. In the photograph, from the left, there is the firm owner Frantisek Novak and the second from the right is his son Oldrich Novak Sr. At the beginning, the firm focused on building carpentry production.

After World War II, two sons were forced to join the Pujman firm in Nove Ransko. Here, with the arrival of modellers from Stare Ransko and the arrival of carpenters from small firms in the surroundings, there was mutual sharing of experience.

Oldrich Novak Sr. worked in the pattern shop in Nove Ransko until his retirement. His son Oldrich Novak worked there as the pattern shop head and mould designer until 1992. In the same year, he founded his own company, which dealt with model equipment and mould production. Gradually, he employed from two to 15 employees.

Production started in his father’s shop; in 1995, he built a new pattern shop plant and gradually added a further two extensions to give it the current form. Gradually, introduction of CAD/CAM technologies, CNC machining, 3D measuring, and division of the plant into the pattern shop and the tool shop took place. In 2010, he handed the firm over to his son - the current owner.


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