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Design we enjoy constructing…

We offer:

  • Creation of 3D checking jigs for plastic, metallic, and sheet metal products of various industries
  • Creation of 3D foundry models, prototypes, jigs, and moulds
  • Modification of 3D data of foundry models, programming of CNC milling

Company software:

  • CAD workplace (Surfcam, SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Catia)
  • CAM workplace (SUFCAM, HSMWorks)

Data communication:

  • 2D: .dwg, .dxf…
  • 3D: .iges, .step…

Tool shop we will measure your products…

Production of checking jigs, moulds, chill moulds, engineering part machining.

The main programme is the production of checking jigs for:

  • Plastic, metallic, sheet metal parts of various industries (mostly automotive)
  • Pipes and hoses of all fluid distribution systems

We supply jigs according to the customer’s specification or according to our own design with regard to the checking and tolerance of parts.

Possible to supply in various variants:

  • Manually controlled
  • With electronic signalling of accuracy using sensors and detectors and pneumatic fastening of parts
  • Combination of the aforementioned variants

The supply of a 3D measuring protocol for each jig produced is automatic.

Machinery: 2xCNC-Hurco, 2xNC-FKH 80, 4xNC milling cutter FNGJ, lathes…

checking fixtures for liquid distribution systems

checking fixtures for plastic parts

checking fixtures for sheet metal parts


welding jigs

single-purpose machines

adjustments to control jigs from other manufacturers

Pattern shop and create…

We produce:

  • Wooden checking jigs of pipes and hoses of fluid distribution systems
  • Wooden models and cores for piece, serial production, and foundry production
  • Wooden, metallic model boards for manual or machine forming
  • Models from casting resins
  • Models from polystyrene for piece casting
  • Repairs and design changes of existing models according to the technology of various foundries
  • Moulds for laminating
  • Moulds for heat plastic shaping

Checking accuracy is our result…

We check the accuracy of products using a 3D arm (the PowerInspect program). We measure both smaller parts within the arm scope (2.4 m) and large models, jigs… Thus, we obtain both the product dimension data and e.g. the shape and position deviation data or the evaluation in comparison with the CAD model. The inspection output is the measuring protocol, which is always a part of the supply of our products.

Welding we connect materials…

Welding of steel, aluminium and stainless steel using the MIG/MAG method.
Products: frames, carriages, square tube structures…

Castings from concept to casting…

In co-operation with Czech foundries we ensure production or technological assistance in introducing the castings of the following materials and sizes into production:

Aluminium, brass and bronze alloys:

  • machine and hand moulded 0.2–1,600 kg as per CSN
  • cast into metal moulds 0.05–55 kg

Grey cast iron:

  • GG 15, GG 20, GG 25
  • machine-moulded 0,5–100 kg
  • hand-moulded 15 000 kg

Malleable cast iron:

  • GTW 35-04, GTW 40-05, GTWS-38, GTS-35
  • machine-moulded 0,03–7 kg

Ductile cast iron:

  • GGG 40, GGG 50, GGG 60
  • machine-moulded 0,5–10 kg
  • hand-moulded 5–600 kg

Cast steel:

  • per ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS standards machine and hand-moulded